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Girl with hat in hand is walking and sweating, cleaning sweat from her forehead.

Crazy! Mérida Record Temperature of 43.7 ºC (110.66ºF) 🥵

Crazy! Mérida Record Temperature Reaches 43.7 ºC (110.66ºF) On March 26th, 2024, Mérida Record Temperature Hits a Whopping 43.7 ºC (110.66ºF) March 26th, 2024, Mérida record temperature reached an all-time high, surpassing the previous benchmark, Mérida reached a scorching 43.7 degrees Celsius or 110.66 Fahrenheit, with a thermic sensation of 56 degrees Celsius or 132.8

Eric sitting on the black and white checkerboard floor of Chapultepec Castle in Mexico City, Mexico (CDMX).

All Expats Are Escaping Something – 21 Latam Cities

All Expats Are Escaping Something – 21 Latam Cities Expats Are Escaping to New Countries for Various Reasons Expats are escaping from Australia, Canada, Europe, the United States and more “first world” countries in exchange for a lower cost of living and typically less stressful lifestyle in less developed countries. Even “crime travel advisories” from

A pretty woman dressed for Carnival at the Sambadrome in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the ultimate Brazilian experience.

The Brazilian Experience!

The Brazilian Experience! My Brazilian Experience Has Been Unforgettable! I’ve had the Brazilian Experience numerous times, last time being in 2014 and it’s never disappointed. I studied Portuguese at the Universidade de Pernambuco in Recife. It was a very long time ago. It was a cultural program offered through the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. I